Everything bigger enterprises need in Jiglu 11.5

It's the last release of 2018, a year in which I feel we've made huge strides with Jiglu - a better user experience, the latest technologies and all the features you'd expect in a modern collaboration suite.


The last three releases have focussed on filling-out some of the requirements needed for bigger enterprises. I'll be writing more on some of these in the new year, but for now here's a summary of what we've added recently:

  • Virus scanner integration, so attachments and other shared documents get checked before they are made available for download.
  • Auditing improvements and a new email newsletter for administrators that summarises important changes to the system that they should know about.
  • Retention improvements, so everything contributed can always be kept with inappropriate content withdrawn from viewing rather than deleted.
  • Categories for groups, so they can easily be flagged with internal security access levels.
  • Invitations that let you pre-select multiple groups a user will be joined to when they register with a one-time token, making administrator workflow easier and eliminating the need to ever distribute passwords.
  • Improvements to automated workflow so users can make changes themselves but administrators can quickly approve them when necessary.

There have also been lots of minor enhancements for end users and some performance improvements too.

You can find the full release notes here. If you'd like to try out Jiglu then you can get started here.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .