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New tools for business communities in Jiglu 13.0

Since the very first release, Jiglu has had the ability to define different workflows depending on the role of a group member.

Collaboration's hidden pain point

Jiglu's user workflow enables those from with email addresses at the core councils to be approved automatically, saving time on the most common cases.

Collaboration software's missing pieces

A content management system in which more valuable information was held, but which was not part of users’ everyday workflow and was not really geared to easy contributions.

Jiglu's summer of security

We've also added new user account integrity features, including additional workflow options to prevent accounts being taken over.

Collaborating across organisations with Jiglu

However, Jiglu goes beyond that with role-based access controls for individual types of content and workflow controls for how content is contributed.

Everything bigger enterprises need in Jiglu 11.5

Improvements to automated workflow so users can make changes themselves but administrators can quickly approve them when necessary.