Mentions and better notifications in Jiglu 11.2

It's been a busy summer for Jiglu with a steady stream of updates and improvements as we strive to give all our users the best experience possible.

One thing people told us was missing from our group instant messaging was mentions - those @somebody shortcuts that many social networks have to let you quickly bring somebody else into the conversation. However, we didn't want to limit them just to live talk, so we've brought them in across all the different types of content in Jiglu, from instant messages to blog comments to email messages. Mentions also get tagged, so you can easily track them wherever they happen to be, and summarised in the daily email newsletter.


To support this new change we've added a new notification stream to users' home pages. In one place this consolidates all your mentions, all the responses to things you've written and all the updates that other people have made to your wiki entries or blog posts.


Browser notifications additionally alert you each time there's a new mention, response or update for you.


There's lots of smaller improvements too. You can find the full release notes here. If you'd like to try out Jiglu then you can get started here.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .