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A smoother user experience in Jiglu 14

Version comparisons For blog posts and wiki entries Jiglu has a version control system.

Just with Jiglu: group instant messaging extras

You can also quickly link to any wiki entry in a chat just by sticking double square brackets around the entry's name when typing a message. 2.

Smarter collaboration in Jiglu 12

Incorporate anything into an existing wiki entry If you find some useful information that you want to add to an existing knowledge entry – perhaps something someone mentioned in an instant message – you can now quickly incorporate it in the wiki and keep a link back to where it originally came from so people can see the context.

Mentions and better notifications in Jiglu 11.2

In one place this consolidates all your mentions, all the responses to things you've written and all the updates that other people have made to your wiki entries or blog posts.

Collaboration software's missing pieces

Once an entry has been published in the wiki, Jiglu also helps you connect it to other resources: There’s an audit trail back from a published entry in the knowledge wiki to the conversation where it originally came from.