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Published: November 2023

Connecting with outside the organisation

There’s a whole lot more that Jiglu monitors do too.

Published: October 2019

Quickstart guides

Administrators For administrators, there are guides to configuring Jiglu: Jiglu system administration quickstart Jiglu space administration quickstart Jiglu blog administration quickstart Jiglu monitor administration quickstart We also have a couple of checklists of things you need to gather or think about before you start: Jiglu system assets checklist Jiglu system configuration checklist Users For ordinary users there are guides to system basics, things you need to know in Jiglu groups, using your personal Radar home page and everything to do with tagging: Jiglu system quickstart Jiglu spaces quickstart Jiglu blogs quickstart Jiglu Radar quickstart Jiglu tagging quickstart If you're looking for more on the technology and how to install Jiglu, then you should also check out the installation space.