Collaboration's hidden pain point

The last decade has seen funding for local government in the UK shrink by around a third. For those still employed, the last thing they have time for is a platform that needs extensive and continual admin in order to function. Here's how we help one local government customer make the most of the time they have available.


Jiglu was built from the start to allow organisations and their teams to delegate activities according to what is right for them.

Our customer is a team that spans several councils in the local area as well as involving coordination with some outside agencies and specialists at other authorities. Rather than needing someone central to manage membership, anyone who is a member of one of a collaboration space can invite anyone else appropriate to join, whether they are already a user of the system or not. At a time when staff churn can be an issue the group can quickly and easily bring in the necessary people and get them up to speed.


If you get an invite to a space and you're already a user then with a couple of clicks you can accept the invitation. If you're not yet a user then you'll be invited to self-register instead - something only those with an invite can do. The registration form can also ask extra questions configured by the system administrators, for example their job title or phone number. These can be made available to others in the user's profile page or kept private so only those who have been given the role of system administrator can see them.



When a new user registers they will first need to confirm their email address, making sure they do work for the organisation they said. However, the system administrators still want a final check that they are really supposed to be there. Jiglu's user workflow enables those from with email addresses at the core councils to be approved automatically, saving time on the most common cases. For everyone else a task will be created for one of the administrators to approve them, which could involve them checking up on the extra info they provided when registering.


There's also a full audit trail available showing what invitations were made, who did the inviting and who approved a new user.


As people move on to new jobs they can be easily dropped from spaces or the system while still maintaining their previous contributions and the audit trails of their activities. Again there are self-service options so users can themselves leave spaces or the system, with notifications to administrators if necessary.

Each organisation and team is different. This is what works for one customer, but Jiglu lets you find the level of delegation that's right for you.

Written by Stephen Hebditch. Published on .
How Jiglu helped one customer minimise the time needed for everyday colloaboration admin tasks.