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Collaboration's hidden pain point

Rather than needing someone central to manage membership, anyone who is a member of one of a collaboration space can invite anyone else appropriate to join, whether they are already a user of the system or not.

Collaborating across organisations with Jiglu

For example, you could allow anyone to take part in group instant messaging or email discussion, but contributing more formal knowledge to a collaboration space’s knowledge wiki might be only open to members with a certain role or it might require sign-off from other members first.

Collaboration software's missing pieces

Supporting different roles within a collaboration space, so some members can be involved just with contributing while others can do more organisation, such as taking useful information from conversations and making it suitable for long-term retention.

A smoother user experience in Jiglu 14

Within collaboration spaces you’ll find useful new visualisations that let you see what topics a particular author contributes most and how a tag relates to others.