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Published: March 2022

Introducing Jiglu For Communities

If you're using Jiglu's live group chat feature then you can block the sending of instant messages too.

Published: March 2020

Smarter collaboration in Jiglu 12

Incorporate anything into an existing wiki entry If you find some useful information that you want to add to an existing knowledge entry – perhaps something someone mentioned in an instant message – you can now quickly incorporate it in the wiki and keep a link back to where it originally came from so people can see the context.

Published: October 2019

Collaboration software's missing pieces

If something comes up in an email discussion or in a group instant message then with just a few clicks it can be transferred into the knowledge wiki.

Published: October 2018

Mentions and better notifications in Jiglu 11.2

However, we didn't want to limit them just to live talk, so we've brought them in across all the different types of content in Jiglu, from instant messages to blog comments to email messages.

Published: January 2018

Just with Jiglu: group instant messaging extras

We recently launched group instant messaging as part of Jiglu's enterprise social software suite.